This is the finished painting. I finished the toning of the various sections to the eye to La Maison Rose Restaurant at the corner and used the lighted windows in the center to guide the eye and to draw the viewer back to the corner. I added two windows to the nearest house on the left to take the viewer back to a staring place. The image reproduced a little bit more contrasted than the original. If the original miniature is put under clear glass and is properly lit it will resemble the digital photo more closely. It is amazing how proper lighting and clear museum quality den glass can give beauty and depth to a water color. I do hope this miniature was worth the wait.


Anonymous Guest (IP:

Anonymous Guest (IP: 22 Apr 2010


Julie Mayser 20 Apr 2010

A very warm and inviting, as well as totally marvelous painting, Stanton! The lovely sky, the warmth cascading out of multiple windows and streetlights, all combine to create this delightfully designed and executed watercolor! The buildings them selves with all the odd angles, spires, domes, etc, are enough to tax the powers of an artist... and they are so well done!

ruth sears 20 Apr 2010

It really came out great,I love the rich colors and the composition is wonderful,really loved watching this one develope,first class job Stanton.

Artist Reply: It's amazing how you see the possibilities in a grouping of buildings and can create a totally different work than that that exists in a batch of rather nondescript photos.

Anneke Hut 20 Apr 2010

It was sure worth the wait, Stanton! Besides while waiting you gave us a wonderful show of your talent with the progress pictures! :) I love the intense mood and the wonderful detail on houses and road. A very beautiful piece of art!

Artist Reply: Thank you Anneke. I got what was a Bronx Cheer from people around me when I told them this was my next painting. However, somewhere in all of the criticism that people heep on you, you learn to trust your instincts. I am always happy when I do.