These are two of the homes that were built by the famous California plein aire artist Hanson Duvall Puthuff. He was the most well known of these artists and his work has influenced artists all over California and the world. On moving day in 1913 after all of his belongings had been moved, Putoff returned to his former residence in Highland Park and walked his Guernsey cow Gertie to her new home in the Putoff backyard. These homes are located in the Eagle Rock District in Northeast Los Angeles, which is the birthplace of the Arts and Crafts movement. Putoff built these three homes for himself and his children. The third home is to the extreme left on the downhill side the large craftsman home on the left hand side, and is unfortunately obscured by foliage. This large craftsman on the left was built in 1913 by Putoff, and ws where Puthuff lived. The homes to the left and on the downhill side of the artists home were built by Puthufff in 1923, and are very similar in design to eachother, and were built for Puthufff's children to live in and raise their families. I am proud to say that the home on the right side of the photo is my house and I have lived and painted their for the last 36 years. I had no idea of the history of our little corner of the world until my neighbors Bill and Jackie moved nest door. Bill and Jackie are avid plein aire artists and idolized Hanson Puthuff, but did not know of their great good fortune until they checked on the records of their home and were overjoyed by there discovery. This is one of the most beautiful streets any where in the USA. Our area is often used by film production companies for movies and television. America's Most Wanted uses houses in this neighborhood and numerous episodes of Beverly Hills 90210 were shot here. Our house was once used in an Allstate Insurance commercial. The trees on our properties are camphor and California live oak trees, and believe me when I tell you this street is as beautiful as this picture. I hope you all enjoy this HDR photograph as much as I have enjoyed living here for the last three and a half decades.


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jamie winter 20 Aug 2011


Julie Mayser 16 Aug 2011

A true idyllic scene.... so peaceful and such a wonderful historical area! What a privilege to live there!The huge trees set off the homes beautifully, and your photo is wonderful. Ever time I see one of these special photos, it appears to be a painting!

Ingrid Kolster 16 Aug 2011

What a beautiful street, house of yours and what a wonderful story. Thank you for the information.

Sharon Gonzalez 16 Aug 2011