Casting the Net

Our unending need for sustenance is represented throughout the images used in this print. From the land to the ocean, the net is cast to gather nature’s offerings. It may be seen in the simple weaving of the harakeke kete, used primarily by the Polynesian people as a vessel to carry and store the promise of a plentiful harvest. The oversized conch shell resting above the interwoven crosses, symbolising a fishing net, heralds the call for the oceans bounty to be collected as well. However, forever mindful of the need to conserve nature’s gifts the frangipani flowers in the lower panel embody the our past, present and future and the need to manage our resources so that we may conserve these once bountiful provisions. Thus, the single Frangipani flower carried within the kete and the lone conch shell held within the net remind us of the limits required to sustain us all.

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