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3rd East Street

I went to the city of Copperton to plein air paint. I've always liked this little town and I think I'll be painting there more. They had Christmas music playing through out the town and many people came up to speak with me. There are some very friendly people there. I was struck by the way the light made clear patterns in the snowy rooftops.


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Jo-Ann Hayden 25 Dec 2007

I love this painting. It makes me want to go home. It looks so homey and inviting. Really nice job on the snow.

David Benjamin 22 Dec 2007

Nice work! You have captured the essence of the street and made a nice composition with it.

Cathy Savels 22 Dec 2007

Lovely seasonal image.

Emily Reed 22 Dec 2007


Louis Vuittonet 21 Dec 2007

Very Nice