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Clay Horse Head

Here's something different for my last upload of the month. I have been noodling around with clay lately in response to a local contest. This is the first horse head I did. I made it at the beginning of June, but it has air-dried completely and changed colour from gray to off-white. I imagine that with more time it will get even whiter. It is 4" across and took about 3 hours to make. Being my first attempt, there's several mistakes...whenever I made a mistake, I thought "I'll just sand it out later". I started sanding it today and realized I could also sand it out of existence :-D I do not know if I will paint it or try getting it cast. This is not the piece I will be entering in the contest. My final exam is on Monday. Wooo!!


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Emily Reed 24 Jun 2007


Artist Reply: Thanks Emily! It makes me happy that others like him so much. I have been getting lots of positive feedback on him.

Alexis Smith 24 Jun 2007

Hey Christine, you are really expanding. Great work as always. I love the mane.

Artist Reply: Thanks so much Alexis. I really like trying new things. One never knows what will happen!

Cindy Lemoi 24 Jun 2007

I think this is just wonderful. Great texture, excellent overall.

Artist Reply: Thanks Cindy :-) Although I'm unhappy with the mane, someone else told me it made him look really wild!