Do Not Disturb

Here we find the Totem Animal the Komodo Dragon and his message to each is I value my Privacy do not distrub. If this Totem is one of your animals then you perfer to be left alone and do not search for the company of others.


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Nira Dabush 10 Jun 2008


Artist Reply: thank you so very much

Aqua1955 03 Jun 2008

waiting... looking out for more of your beautifull work

Artist Reply: thank you so very much and I do have more on the rb site under the same screen name richardredhawk or on my website

Sara Deutsch 12 May 2008

Unique style..powerful image. Have you thought of making a set of these, like tarot cards?

Artist Reply: Thank you very much, wroking of more of these but haven't thought about a tarot deck interesting idea

jamie winter 11 May 2008

fantastic imagry Richard

Artist Reply: thank you so very much

Sharon Gonzalez 11 May 2008

Great work, Richard!

Artist Reply: much appreciated thanks