#11 in The Zodiacs. Her flowers are rock rose, rose, lavender and lily of the valley. Her ruling planet is Mercury. Her gemstones are emerald and agate. Her colors are bright yellow, black and white. She wears her symbol in several different places. ©2006 Dawn Obrecht - Flowerchild Fantasy Art


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Deborah Martin 07 Sep 2006

So very wonderful Dawn!!!!!Beautiful presentation too!!!!This is for me!!!!

Artist Reply: Thanks Deborah!! I'm glad to have your seal of approval!! ^^

Katerina Koukiotis 07 Sep 2006

she so cute and i love the border too!!!

Artist Reply: She screamed to be cutesie!! Thanks Katerina!!!

teresa greene 07 Sep 2006

Cool i'm a gemini!

Artist Reply: Thanks Teresa!! It makes me so happy when people like their sign painting!!!

Helene deroubaix 07 Sep 2006

so pretty!would love to see what the Pisces will be ^_^ Blessed be!

Artist Reply: Pisces is done. I didn't realize I hadn't posted her here... I'll have to do it next month!! Thanks Helene!!