Abraham Lincol in Gettysburg

acrylic on gallery stretch canvas, size 36 x 36 inch .......however...my work was critically thrown tomatoes at during its infancy at an art school... so no need to harp on it since I've been actually blackballed at every college I've messed with in different areas in fact. why? I'm very intelligent and opinionated, and that gets many detractors: but not to get into ME too much, and off addressing what needs to be:? on hype and phone-balony ego-knowledge. why does everyone like Lincoln? well, he's president, and they're American dissident. Boy...and whose the they??? government army journalist criminaliste directors etc...critics...when did we let them take over the American history...??? us and them??? i agree history its complicated, but it just seems like theirs sort of an unnecessary mess of sort "human intellectual" clutter...like what stifles history seems to be the actual of fake it, and only comes down to knotting.?

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