Death artist on Brooklin Bridge

"Dead Artist on Pont Des Art"? ....suspended in a river . When you see the work and read it's title, you immediately begin to think of what meaning or symbolism can be found. You think about what the artist or the fluid or the river could represent and how these things may fit together with the title, "The Death artist on Pont Des Art". You are thinking. You think, therefore you are. If you are, you are a "you". If you are a "you", as opposed to if you /were/ a "you", you are alive. Thus it is physically impossible that you are dead, like the artist in the river. Fact that as demonstrated, you are alive, and the artist is not. And meaning of fluid in the river demonstrated, millions of comdons or death in the river, and possibility, you would be one of them..and artist are noth death, but you and milions of us are death? The title mak it difrent who fllow death in the river. Art FFS = It just FFS or nothing - proof (in their own kind of backward way) that everything is art. If everything is art: nothing is embarrasing to look at sometimes. :(? It's not about admiring the aesthetic qualities or it or diminishing it of it's function to be looked at purely for it's beauty or lack of. In FFS challanging the perception of art, saying ....why not put a can of artist's shit insted of Mona Lisa on display insted ? And put the title "Mona Lisa"....... since no body would ever know the difference, invokes the endlessly recombinatory possibilities of a chain of painting or chain product as a art..and creats endles possibilities of the title's? Hey, I can do this too and laugh all the way to the bank.

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