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Done while thinking of one of the most beautiful souls I know. I'm rather fond of the end result. Thank you, my MoonBird for inspiring me once again. :heart: Star!DO NOT TAKEStar!DO NOT REUSEStar!DO NOT COPYStar! "Unauthorized use or redistribution of artwork or photography as well as copying, tracing, altering, or heavily referencing without permission is considered art theft. You and/or your guardians can be sued for plagiarism and/or copyright infringement. Do not assume that little changes will make it all yours and that you will not be held responsible. Re-using the exact piece as-is, such as for online role-playing, even if you do not claim it is your own, is unlawful redistribution. ALWAYS ASK THE ARTIST."


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seyyed amin nabipoor 31 Jul 2017

Molto perfetto ! Bravo !

shenur masters 23 Jul 2017

Wow so beautiful.

Sharon De Vore 20 May 2017