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Domazeetre. Domazeetre is his name. (Dom-ah-z-tree) The Keeper of Eternal Time. I keep seeing so many things having events based on the FF7 remake that is in the works...and I began thinking of those dragons and those in games before...not the statue with insect wings like in Advent Children...but a REAL dragon. Around the same time, I was asked by my therapist to try and put the nightmares where they channel all I had been through and let it create another to take on some of the weight. And Domazeetre is the result. And I am exceptionally pleased with how he came out. 1 mechanical pencil 2 q-tips 3 weeks Art and character and species are the legal property of S. McKean AKA ShaQuaVara and MAY NOT be reused, recreated, copied or redistributed in any fashion without prior WRITTEN and PROVABLE consent of this account holder. Any unauthorized reuse will be in violation of Copyright restrictions and may be punishable by law. Always ask the owner before using! Final Fantasy 7 and Advent Children are of course copyright to Square-Enix and Sony Computer Entertainment Company.

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