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This is an HDR photograph of the trees on the site of the St.Augustine Lighthouse on Anastasia Island which is located to the east of St. Augustine Florida. The lighthouse is the second tallest lighthouse in the United States. I remember when I first saw it as I was crossing the causeway on the way to My cousins beach house in Ponte Vedra Beach. I saw it off in the distance and it looked totally out of place because in was so huge. I thought, OMG, that is one humungous structure. When I finally got to see it up close I felt like a man on the street in Tokyo coming face to face with Godzilla. I mean this thing is really, really big. MAMMOTH!!!! I took a number of photographs of the boughs of these beautiful trees. I don't know what species of tree they were, but they are somewhat similar the camphor trees on my street here in Eagle Rock. I thought that an HDR image would do a lot to bring out the abstract qualities of this tangled canopy of boughs and branches. I was very impressed with the beauty of the splendid arboreal sanctuary.

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jamie winter 10 Jul 2011

very very wonderful capture. so soft and spritual

Ingrid Kolster 09 Jul 2011

So beautiful photo of the wonderful trees near the lighthouse. It´s such a nice place and the trees are terrific.

Julie Mayser 09 Jul 2011

This is so very soft and lovely, Stanton.... very ethereal. Wonderful composition and capture!!!!The HDR certainly does an extremely competent job and outshines the results of an "ordinary" camera! I have been to St Augustine also, a number of times since our son lives just southwest of there in Ocala,Fla. I believe the tree to be a Live Oak... they are seen throughout Florida and other southern states. There is a huge one in the courtyard of the Alamo in San Antonio.

Artist Reply: Thanks Julie for the tree info. We have live oaks out here, but they are California live oak trees, and they don't spread as much and the trunks are taller.

Joanie Holliday 09 Jul 2011

This photo is just terrific Stanton !! What a photo op.. The way you photoed it looks like a wonderful oil painting.. I've seen oil paintings that look like photos but think this is the first photo that looks like an oil painting. I love it... Joanie Holliday

Artist Reply: That is the beauty of High Dynamic Range (HDR) Photography. You make use of "photo-bracketing" to get the highest amount of information into the image as possible. You pick up detail and subtle color variations that you would not ordinarily have. The HDR software I use is Photomatix Pro. PhotoShop has the same capability, but Photomatix does a better job.

Maria Anna Machado 09 Jul 2011

I love this place...very beautiful photo....