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Allison Williams Hill, Creator of In-Vesica, uses mixed media and meditation when creating art. With the development of my spiritual nature, I grew more in love with what has been bestowed on each and every one I had the pleasure of meeting who are on the same path. It is a marvelous thing that brilliantly blazes through the barriers of suppression that snuff out the individual expressions of God. "I AM a being of joyful expression!" The following poem was from a meditation on January 12, 2012, a thought to simplify how and what I wanted to do across the board. Love is the answer. Patience is the way. Time is what you have most of Each moment to express your findings- Create from the basics and offer gratitude That you can do This miraculous thing known as manifesting. Study your heart and create it outside in your world. Love, GOD 1/12/12

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