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03 Dec, 2011

Change. Everything easily loaded is up; It took about 3 months loading three works day. From this point on I will be loading up older works & the new ones from this point forward. This will change my schedule & use of this website & if I don't reply to comments I'll say "sorry" now. This is my storage spot and I did not intend for this website to be any kind of social point for my works or for my processes.


22 Nov, 2011

Upon review my works through the year 2000 to 2011 are all on this site. Left now; Tweak the layouts, look for the bulk of the nineties (or older) on old drives, and add new works as they develope.


21 Nov, 2011

The Drawings after Gromaire in Black & white are all loaded. A calendar as a distinct piece. Studio temps have still been in the high 60's.


03 Nov, 2011

Finished this picture today; A street on Seton Hill. Temperatures now are a factor; 64 degrees in the studios and the hands numb-up in about three hours, paint now drying VERY slowly. & Still loading the nineties...


07 Oct, 2011

Still loading the last decade. Not to the nineties yet.


19 Sep, 2011

As you may see just about ALL of the "paintings" from the last decade; 2000 - 2010 are on this site. I will now be trying to organize and load the ninties. (And the other stuff)


30 Aug, 2011

On the 27th I was 60 years. I reckon my images in paint are now half loaded on ArtWanted.com - Just saying.


27 Aug, 2011

I am not a compulsive diary keeper. & efforts on this spot wont be timely for a while. Still I intend to place some current news here. (Note date.)