07 March, 2018

Uploading pictures

I don't know about anyone else but one aspect of the website that I don't like is when you are going to the "For Sale" category, it would be nice if there were a "Done" button or something to know that the details about painting and price are received...I know you find out when you look back at your portfolio but I've had to repeat this process a couple times in some cases and this is just a little nit-picky suggestion. I dislike when you don't have some kind of completion button. Just a thought.



Kaori Fine Art 12 Mar 2018

I agree. I always have to hit "done" twice. It's a good point.

ArtWanted.com Staff 12 Mar 2018

Thanks for your comments. We would like to better understand the issue, so we can work to improve it.

Our expected experience is that after you upload your artwork, you are automatically taken to the IMAGE DETAILS page, where you can fill out the title and other information. If you want to sell the image, you can click on the FOR SALE tab and then enter your price and description and hit the ADD OPTION button. There isn't any "done" button that we can see. Clicking Add Option adds this sales option to your portfolio, nothing more is needed. We feel it would be redundant to add a second Done button after you already submitted the form to add the pricing option, which shows up on the page after submitting the information.

Please help us understand the issue and suggestion, as we are not getting it from the explanations. Thanks!