02 March, 2018

Underwater A.I.: Sci-Fi Dianetics(?)

Science-fiction storytelling presents images and ideas of extrapolated hypotheses regarding the limits and enigmas (unexplained phenomena) of the observed universe. These extrapolated (or 'exaggerated') hypotheses offer us great creative 'daydreams' about the 'scope' of human imagination and arguably even intelligence itself.

Modern science-fiction offer us images of genetic mutants, toxicity-catalysed abominations, encounters with alien intelligences, time-travel, teleportation, virtual reality, and of course, A.I. (Artificial Intelligence). The modern sci-fi adventure-odyssey film "The Abyss" [1989] starring Ed Harris presents the story of undersea explorers/miners recruited for a special government job and encountering a strange illuminated 'alien intelligence' living in what seems to be an incredible underwater sophisticated city, compelling the human explorers (who are joined by stern U.S. military men) to evaluate if they should 'cultivate' this species-exchange or contemplate the wisdom...of war(!).

The imagination/daydream of the incredible underwater alien-intelligence inhabited city in "The Abyss" [1989] suggests that modern science-fiction storytellers are intrigued by coordinations of what comprises the contours of 'advanced intelligence/civilization.'

Is capitalism sophisticated or crude? Is democracy merely an ideal or actually a visionary goal for human-kind? Could there be alien intelligences hiding under-water and 'examining/observing' the geometry and mechanics of 'modern human civilization' (with all its quirks --- such as eco-pollution and world wars)?

I like thinking about "The Abyss" [1989] when thinking about the philosophical (and even creative!) ideas regarding governance/pedagoguery in the modern era of immense networking and commerce (i.e., Wall Street, NASDAQ).

So, should the term 'A.I.' refer only to computers and Artificial Intelligence or also be a colloquial 'catch-phrase' for 'alien intelligence' (abbreviated also as 'A.I.')?

What do you think? Maybe you can offer stories/images arguing one way or the other. Which is more symbolic, Artificial Intelligence or Alien-Intelligence?

That's what this 'challenge-question' (arguably a pseudo-contest!) is all about --- determining if Artificial Intelligence is more interesting to artists than Alien-Intelligence.

Surely, this is 'high art.'


ARTIST: Are aliens interested in art?

SCIENTIST: Are aliens prudent with their 'brands' of science?

ARTIST: Art and science are very similar...

SCIENTIST: They're also very different!

ARTIST: Well, yes, art is more experimental.

SCIENTIST: Yes, science is more legal and precedent-dependent.

ARTIST: I wonder what an alien intelligence would think!

SCIENTIST: A hypothetical underwater alien-intelligence would like Aquaman (DC Comics)!

ARTIST: Sure, Aquaman (DC Comics) symbolizes modern fears regarding environment manipulation.

SCIENTIST: Is ecosystem-relevant storytelling more scientific than artistic?

ARTIST: Well, it's certainly 'creative' to think about the consequences of foolish decisions!

SCIENTIST: Isn't that merely speculation (e.g., apocalypse theories)?

ARTIST: No, doom-paranoia speaks to a human fascination with destiny (and mortality).

SCIENTIST: Alright, maybe death-and-dying is a 'spiritual inquiry,' but science teaches us politics.

ARTIST: There's nothing wrong with politics, but we have to think about 'evangelism daydreams.'

SCIENTIST: Maybe alien intelligences would consider eco-pollution 'primitive/savage.'

ARTIST: An equally-intriguing question is, "Are computers beneficial?"