14 February, 2018

seems the store might be down at least for me

I keep trying to buy three items but they are not going through even though I have money in my bank account here on site to cover....I am buying the whole order with credit.. so cant figure out why it is not going through.



ArtWanted.com Staff 15 Feb 2018

We are not able to see any issues with the shopping cart system, as we also have other members that are buying things just fine. We will investigate your issue and get back with you.

ArtWanted.com Staff 27 Feb 2018

Adelle, are you still having issues with the shopping cart? If so, can you send us screen shots and/or URLs you are on that are not working, so we can investigate further?

Adelle John 27 Feb 2018

Well I cant do what you wish as I dont know if it took my order yesterday or day before or not. I ordered one of my own products, a black cup with one of my own paintings on it...it said the order completed successfully after I hit the order now or complete order button but I got no email confirmation and I used my own own bank credit for it but no bank credit has been taken out and the item I ordered is still in my shopping cart though I would think if I successfully ordered it it would no longer be in my shopping cart however if I try to order it again and it is ordered it will bill my credit card and I dont want two of them and I dont want to pay with my own money..I have no way of knowing whether or not it is ordered until I guess weeks pass and I dont get anything but I will be pretty annoyed if that happens so if you can check to see if it is ordered and let me and also give me a rough idea of how long it could take to ship to me as I know nothing at all...also for the unbelievable high rate you charge for shipping we should get tracking numbers for even ecomony because your ecomony is as much or more than other sites regualar shipping and I dont like ordering my stuff from you as I can't make any profit off my stuff at all paying that much shipping. I would like to be able to order a number of things to put up for sale in my Synagogue's gift shop but even though my price of the items is reasonable and I could make a profit if you charge better shipping rates I cant make any profit on the rates you charge and my fellow Jews wont pay those prices either...you want almost as much for shipping as you do for the cup. And I cant sell a cup for $15-$16 very well and if I could possibly well they are not going to pay $15 for the cup and then $7 or more for shipping making the cup cost like over $22--very few people are going to spend that much on a coffee cup....face it. I am looking for a site that I can actually order some products like this site has but for truly wholesale prices and low cost shipping so I can make some profit msyelf it seems to me that I am the artist and I should be the one profiting most from my art but I dont profit from it. And that is not right. And reason none of my friends will buy my stuff here they have made it quite clear they will not spend the shipping they dont mind paying for the items but the shipping is outrageous otherswise I would be selling more stuff. Some of the stuff ships for more reasonable than others I will admit. I am going to try to order some greeting cards by the 100 pack for resale singly in the gift shop in a few months. I hope the shipping on that will not be outrageous, hope it is considerably better for in bulk, it should be. It is too much singly. Hmmm, I just did a fake order of 100 greeting cards and the shipping price on them is wonderful less than $6.00 for economy. Which is what I do I try to cut my costs wherever I can to make a profit. So what I would like to see you do is give good discounts for people like me who buy in bulk other items too. like if I order 10 mousepads I should be offered a considerably lowerd rate for shipping them. For multiples of prints or cups or phone cases etc etc....you should give discounts because otherwise people like me are not going to try very hard to use this site for sales. As my friends really have expressed they dont like the shipping prices and also the shop is not as user friendly as they would like...Furthermore the greeting cards you crop them poorly and many of my images do not fit either the note card or the 5 by 7 cards you should allow us more control at cropping some of my images simply wont fit in and I can't use the slider as they are already as low as they go which means that a great chuck of my painting will not fit in. I generally have no trouble making note cards or 5 by 7 cards from my images on my own computer so cant figure what you have done to my images making them not fit at all. My main sellilng items are greeting cards but none of my Passover cards will fit so Passover is coming up I would have ordered a few cards to try to sell and I wouldnt becasue the cropping is not acceptable. You should make it so we can have choice to make the image smaller to fit the whole thing in or even let us fit to area sometimes this distorts but not always. It is good when it doesnt. So well in the meantime can you please answer me if my black cup with the miriam dancing by the red sea image has been ordered. if it hasnt been then yes you need to figure out why I did everything and it said it ordered and I even gave my credit card by why do you make us give a credit card when we are paying on credit anyway? That was annoying.

ArtWanted.com Staff 27 Feb 2018

Adelle -

Thanks for all your feedback. You brought up several different things in your post and we will be reviewing each item you mentioned to see how it can be improved. Here are a few specific comments on what you mentioned.

First, we did receive your order for the black mug and it's currently being printed. We will review the process of placing orders with your art wanted credit and why you were asked for a credit card when you didn't owe anything. Nothing was charged to the card you provided, it was all paid for with your artwanted credit.

The shipping costs are set by our printing partner, based on the item size, speed of delivery and location. We do not have any control over this price and don't make any profit from it. When we have compared shipping prices with other companies in the past, it has been very fairly priced and in many times its much cheaper than our competition. We also offer shipping discounts on multiple items, which is automatically calculated at the time of check out.

As we mentioned above, we will review each of your comments in depth and see what actions/improvements can be made.

Adelle John 28 Feb 2018

Hey thank you and please forgive my irritable post. I am somewhat more irritable since my recent complete hysterectomy...been in some pain. I am told I am most likely completely cancer-free now, and wont be needing chemo or radiation...so I should be happy and in good spirits but they blew my abdomen up with air to make a balloon for the robot arm to do the cutting and stitching and it is not the incisions, which are tiny, five one half inch incisions, that hurt...its the darned air trapped in there. So that is working its way out but my tummy is still distended and painful and I get tired really easily and I get annoyed easily. I assure you that normally I am not that way. I am normally very cheerful and generally positive. I try to find the best in each situation. I dont like your shipping for individual items and many companies make it so that if you order a certain amount l.ike anywhere from $50 to even $200--you get free shipping on your whole order and I love that...I will almost always choose to wait til I need or want the amount you need to spend to get free shipping and go for that. Also another thing some companies do is let you pay for a program that includes free shipping often 2 day shipping even, well like Prime in Amazon.com and Bakingbucks in a baking site I go to...you pay well $40 a year for the baking site and around $100 for Prime but you get a lot more than just free shipping. The only reason I am talking so much about it is that if the shipping is affordable I will be ordering things from your site to sell in my synagogue...they will sell so much better in the gift shop than online at this site...I have trouble getting people even interested in looking at the site...and also many older people dont use computers and many of my congragents are older. And if they do use computers they are far less likley that younger people to use their credit card online and so will not buy my stuff from the online store. So I want very much to find a way to sell this stuff to them, not just so I can make money cause realistically I cant get rich of selling in just one store. But my big reason for wanting my stuff in the gift store is that I love it when people put my art in their homes and are proud of it and love it themselves. It is the thing I love. Not money. Not fame. But just placing my stuff in homes where is is loved and makes people smile. It is a real high for me. Anyway sorry for the somewhat irritable post. And thank you for not tearing into me , I am too sick to fight lol...but I am much better and I will get better still and I will most likely be here next year since they got all the cancer out of me and it was not as dangerous a type of cancer as they originally had thought.

Adelle John 23 Mar 2018

the store still wont let me buy things with store credit only...I mean it will take my my credit but it demands a credit card even if I have plenty to cover in my bank account...so why do you insiste we give our credit card each time..I didnt bother order cause I didnt have my credit card handy. I really dont know why my credit card isnt stored in the site for one thing I really dont like going to the drawer to get it out each time particularly if I am paying with bank credit it is stupid. And I generally just give up and figure I will do it some other time when I feel like getting out of my chair and going across the room to where I keep my credit card. I am a wheelchair user actually not that mobile at all and I dont care for being made to get out of my chair for a stupid reason. To give a credit card on an order that I owe nothing on...

ArtWanted.com Staff 23 Mar 2018

Adelle - You are correct, you should not be asked for a credit card if your ArtWanted credit covers the costs of what you are buying. While you card would not be charged any amount, we do agree that this can be annoying and we will give this task over to our developers to review and fix in the near future for you.