13 February, 2018

Always Spam!

I am so tired of sending and email and being told it is blocked due to spam; your rules are too strict! This is not SPAM! Congratulations on the Children Contest Your work is so fabulous, so soft and beautiful. The little girl is so perfectly done.

That was one of 3 I tried to send and was told it was blocked spam! Geese! Its a long process and very annoying, take the option out! It happens to me 3 out of 4 times so never again will I use it!



ArtWanted.com Staff 27 Feb 2018

Ginger, we do have limits on how many e-mails members can send in a 24 hour period. This is because of the large amount of spam that is attempted through our website by spammers. We will review the rules we have in place to see how they can be improved.

Adelle John 23 Mar 2018

I agree with Ginger I have been not granted to ability to send emails to people who I want to praise privately having them called spam when I am not a spammer and also refused to send an email due to length which is irritating who cares how long my email is anyway;..I couldnt be consise if my life depended on it. I speak with long run sentences and I write the same..it is part of my personality...and when I get told I cant send my email cause it is too long I get mad cause I cant shorten my writing and say what I want to say and I cant send three emails to get it all said cause of your spam rule so I give up talking to members I got blocked too many times...