05 February, 2018

A neutral background...

is needed on any page displaying art...not white background as white takes attention away from the art. A darker background is better than a glaring white one. Just my thought. Also, it would help if we had a choice of color for our background...one color...(white) ...does not fit all. Thanks for reading this and thinking about it. Nancy

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Yury Yanin 05 Feb 2018

Once I've communicated with the AW staff on this matter, and put it even stronger: "putting artwork on a white background is the best way to hide all the artistic value of it". I pointed out that an known artistic web site.ArtPal shows artworks on a dark grey background,.Zenfolio gives a lot of great options for artists to create attractive portfolious, incvluding different dark backgrounds. Someone from the staff answered though that many artists, who have their galleries at Zenfolio, choose white background among all other options, while many other artistic web sites DO put artworks on a white backgrounds as the only option. It is also true ( Imagekind FineartAmerica and many others.). May be it is just a matter of test. Now I am inclined to believe that our staff should solve this problem as they like. It is up to them to decide what is easier and less time consuming for them, and better for AW and all of us.

Anneke Hut 06 Feb 2018

It would be nice if we could choose our own background colour. I don't like the white bg either.

Yury Yanin 07 Feb 2018

I hopeit is not very difficult to do. They've made that at Bounce site - we can choose the color of the background there.

Ginger Olansen 09 Feb 2018

To me black, navy blue makes most photos pop, Yes, let's have color on ones portfolio at the very least! Please AW!!!!!!

Dale Newman 09 Feb 2018

i Agree I feel that all should be provided for members to present their art in most favored light, make color an option for the member

Mark Peterson 06 Mar 2018

I agree, the white takes away the vibrancy which in turn takes away a lot of appeal. Black is a great color to display the work and I think we should have the option to choose the color of our profile back grounds.

marie-claire gallet 31 Mar 2018

It would be nice to have the choice !!!

Fred Rousseau 10 Jul 2018

Good idea,especially if illustrations were done on white paper.Perhaps a border line(fine0 could be added to enframe the actual size of image.

Mark Peterson 13 Jul 2018

It would be nice to have a choice... and although this has been mentioned many times AW refuses to make this an option defending that white is best... I disagree of course. Your point is valid... You are not the only one who has mentioned this, but for some reason they refuse to listen to the artist that post here.

Candis Lane 26 Jul 2018

case in point ... look at the bottom of the screen where all the links are. There is a dark background and the art that is featured there... your eye is instantly drawn to. Just my two cents worth.