28 January, 2018

Portfolios larger than 200 pictures

I have been thinking about people that have 200 to 3000 pictures in their portfolio, including myself. I am close to 200. If the only way one can view these older pictures is by going through the slide show, then maybe all should rethink this. Who will flip through a slide show of 100 photos or more! Not any I know!! Maybe we should start taking some out? Maybe put only the best back in slowly? Some could be veryold photos and we probably would not remember them any way. What do you think? I don't know if AW would frown upon this, but maybe we could re-enjoy them again. It could help AW also I think by giving them more storage room in the site? What do you think?



Joanie Holliday 13 Feb 2018

I think this is a wonderful idea. I've done some if this before. It's just slow going since you can only delete one at a time instead of being able to put check marks on the ones you want to delete. Then be able to just delete them all at once.

Kaori 01 Apr 2018

I know when I browse artist profiles, I am quite interested in seeing the bulk of it. But I am an artist and I agree that customers may not linger as long as we'd like them to, When viewing one painting in the artist's profile AW shows two thumbnails of other random work. May be if they showed 3 or 4 thumbnails of other older work then collectors would be more interested in staying in your profile.

Mark Peterson 01 Apr 2018

I agree, it is hard to find a lot here in an artist portfolio... and older works that we have uploaded and might be very proud of are lost and forgotten in our hundreds of works that we upload. I have re-uploaded a few from way back in 2007 that even I have forgotten about. It is nice to look back and see where I was and see where I am now and to want others to see that growth in our work as well.