22 January, 2018


Time for AW to filter all this liberal HATE political garbage on this ART site. I'm sick of it and know many others are too. You may end up losing a lot of us.


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Vincent von Frese 19 days ago

I think political stuff is another aspect of how people define themselves. I do not care for it either. But I think that although the majority of artists seem to be on the liberal side it is the conservative artists who are making the money from what I have seen. I remain a-political and stay away from discussions on politics. You figure that you are going to be showing and selling to everyone out there including communists.

To just get on the web and put up an ugly cartoon image of someone in politics one does not like does not do much for the artist anyway since people responding are responding to the image only and could care less who created it.

Since many adult people are often found to be intolerable to each other at one time or another anyway if they are unable or do not know that to be pleasant or unpleasant they are doomed to suffer. It is a simple matter of choice(to be pleasant or not). Emotionally charged discussions in politics and religion carried over into art brings about many unpleasant reactions which is one reason I avoid it. Religious art expressions are traditionally a part of art history so it continues and show great works of art.

Art expressing the obvious horrors of war, the human deprivation and poison of un-equality, the misuse of power by anyone in positions of authority, the abuse of anyone for any reason are good themes in modern art as it calls attention to the problem which only awareness can help to end it.

I do not care for political and social statements as subject in art myself but it seems much modern art is just about these subjects and many politically related social issues also. Statements expressed in political art fail to do much except stroke the like minded or gain fame for the weak artist who has to rely on such gimmicks to get noticed. It is a wrong direction for many artists and I cannot see how can help to create and to make great art.