20 January, 2018

Printable calendars

I would love to see the calendars expanded to include a few other styles and types...a cloth year at a glance where one photo could be uploaded and the photo would be chosen by the person buying it from your printable images. Also would like to see the main 12 month calendar made possible to start on any month and end 12 months later. The reason why is, well, frankly my fellow Jews love my calendar but would prefer it start in September when all Jewish Calendars start as that is the beginning of our year. So I would be able to sell quite a few calendars starting in a few months working up to September if I could start the calendars in September so it would acutally be a Jewish Calendar. And I would frankly love to be able to do this. I am not certain if there are other peoples whose calendars do not jive with the Gregorian Calendar too. Not sure. Well I think there is some kind of Pagen calendar that is like the Hebrew Calendar which is a Luner Calendar and actually if you let us name the months ourselves, so made a program where we could insert our own names for the months then made a 13 month calendar then both Pagens and Jews could make real calendars of there own style. I could make a Jewish Calendar as a 12 month but it would not have the Jewish months on it unless you make it printable. What I would like if you wont do a 13 month calendar is as 12 month totally printable calendar so I could insert text with the Hebrew months under the Gregorian Month. And also want to be able to insert my own holidays as I would like to include all the Jewish Holidays and I could insert them easily myself. But I really would love for you to make a nice cloth or perhaps also some laminated poster like year at a glance calendars to hand up on the wall. They are very nice to have one so you can see where days fall months ahead without flipping a bunch of pages.

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