20 January, 2018

thank you for being more inclusing with the winter holiday contest

I asked you to include all winter holidays and you. Unfortunately I got sick right after I posted a request for you to change it from just Christmas to all winter holidays or I would have posted a Hanuakkah one. Just to let you all know, in December I was diagnosed with endometrial cancer. I will be having surgery (Hysterectomy) in February. Hopefully that will be all I need but I wont know until they do it then my surgeon will look every thing over to see if it was all in the uterus or if it had spread further and that will be what determines both what further treatment I get and what my chances of beating it is. So I am a bit more nervous than usual but I am trying to just live one day at a time and that is all you can really do when you get cancer. I am painting some and hope to have a new painting to post soon. This is the painting I had intended to submit but never got to as I was too distracted from my cancer diagnosis.