15 January, 2018

Digital Art

How is Digital Art different from Traditional Art,First of all,Traditional Art is Physical,it's something you can send.ell,feel,with all your senses,both during the creation process & later when it's finished.You don't only see the art,but also it's physical,this makes the ART More complete, More real,more Full filling,more Yours,that can be created & See.Its one of a kind,It can't be copied magically,it gives it value,it's yours ,you own it.I believe AW should put Digital Art into a different Category,it shouldn't be on the same playing field as Traditional Art,like Photography ,,,,Art members Displaying,posting there ART should have to DISCLOSE if it's DIGITAL Many DONT,,,so members commenting on the ART have no idea it's digital ,giving it very high marks as though it was TRADITIONAL ART,,,,I've had some of my ART friends look at the ART feed,,some in the top 25 rank,,,those posting ART,that's Digital should Identify it as that,,,,Complete Honesty in disclosing it as Digital,,,some Don't,,,it's like Passing it off,no one knows the difference ,Digital Art is Beautiful but Let the members know it's digital,AW should make the changes,,,& those doing Digital Art,& posting it,& not Identifying it as such,I enjoy Looking at Digital Art it's Progress ,it's the Future,but the Two should be Separated ,this is my Opinion



Al Budarin 16 Jan 2018

Well,Two days ago I wrote up in This section of discussion DIGITAL ART.ive received no response on that,,,then looking at the new art posted, Same thing,they are NOT identifying there Art as DIGITAL,& members are Awhing ,wow how great,it's not Traditional art,nor is it a photograph,possibly even a combination,I have nothing against Digital art it's Good ,but put those members into another category ,& they should be made manditory that they Identify there art as Digital when posting as many do,,but some for Unknown reason would just Keep hush on it,that's wrong,This again is my Opinion,but you will no longer be getting any reviews or comments from me,unless you identify it as Digital

Anneke Hut 17 Jan 2018

I have also seen that very often, Al. I do not want to express a judgment on which of the two is more valuable. I think they are all good and also that it is all art.

I agree with you that people have to add what the medium is that they used, be it traditional, digital or mixed media. I always wonder why people do not. You never actually see that a traditional artist calls his art digital, while you have a lot of digital art called oils or acrylics.

Ginger Olansen 20 Jan 2018

I agree that all artist that do digital work should state it and not pass it off as anything else. It is sometimes hard to tell, most cannot tell but an artist usually can. I always state if my work is digital. I have done artwork then done digital background effects behind it and even state that. So AW members start being honest with your digital's, if they are digitally made. Thanks.

Al Budarin 20 Jan 2018

Ginger. Thank you so much,& Yes you are one of the very FEW that are Honest About Disclosing Art work that is done By Computer or partial,I see so much of it on Art Wanted Even in the ranking of the top 25 Now. This Art work should be Stipulated as such & Made mandatory by Art Wanted, I have nothing Against Computer generated Art,,,,,,as it's PROGRESS,but don't try to Be deceitful ,or Trying to fool us,the Traditional Artists,, Digital or Combination of both Should be in a separate Category,,,, This only my Opinion.