13 January, 2018

I´m not a nember anymore .... It is ok with me ...

I got enough now ... I have spending far to much time on your site last 2 days ! I´m given up one you noowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww God by !



ArtWanted.com Staff 3 days ago

Sigridur - We hope that you can stay around for longer and continue to showcase your art. We have had some technical problems with our server over the last 24 hours, which caused a bunch of down time for ArtWanted. The issues are now resolved and our developers are busy researching the cause of these issues.

Sigridur Bachmann 3 days ago

Thank you AW for the replay, which is very good for now ! I think you should have sent some kind of notification before,to your numbers " I for example took my computer nearly to pieces…to find out what was wrong ! " I have a proposal … Why do you not keep control of how Many work person do upload every day, and how well they are prepared….. I think that will save space and time and make your Side more of a Quality …. and it will take less time to write comment on fewer work per day.

I think I stay for a while …. to see the progress ….. PS : For me not English speaking, it take me two hour per day to comment on all my friends work… after that and I´m getting to tired, to go for something or to someone else on AW …. I just hope you can understand my meaning … Have a great day ! Sigga.