03 January, 2018


I like to comment on others art, but I would like to see AW to limit 2 or 3 art pieces a day. I enjoy others art and can visit their portfolios so I find it to time consuming to try and comment on so much art of one person in one day. Love the art but only 2 or 3 in a day is more than enough. Thank you.



Sigridur Bachmann 9 days ago

You are so right Joanie ! This is like a full time job ...This Side should be a pleasure no a pain ! Thanks for your super discussion ! Hugs Sgga.

Joanie Holliday 5 days ago

You put it so good Sigga. Thank you.

ArtWanted.com Staff 5 days ago

While we currently don't have a limit on the number of uploads a member can do in a day to their portfolio, we DO LIMIT the number of images that show up on the DAILY UPLOADS page to 3 per artist. This is one of the most popular pages of the website, and it's a great place to look at all the new art each day, but only the first 3 images each artist uploads each day. Here is the link:


RQ Trietsch 5 days ago

# Really? I just counted 14 on one page this morning. I've seen times where someone will post two or three pages. I know "non premium" members are limited to three per months, but "premiums were granted unlimited post. So, curious, if it's only three per day, when will it go into affect ?

ArtWanted.com Staff 5 days ago

RQ - To clarify, Free members and Premium members can post more than 3 images per day. Free members are limited to 50 images per year, for every year they have been a member.

What we limit is what we DISPLAY on the new daily images page, which is this link. Only 3 images per artist will show on this page and this has been in effect for almost 10 years. If you are seeing more than 3 images for an artist on a single page, you are perhaps looking on the browse/search results pages and not the daily upload report:


Joanie Holliday Yesterday

I get way too many on my Art Feed page. Please limit that to only 3 also. I'll get 10 or more from one person there too.