02 January, 2018

It is not right to have the top members list wrong the first 1-4 days of every month!

Every NEW Month the "Top Active Members List" Is Wrong from 1-5 days! Most members find is very important and just don't understand errors like this. Its more than frustrating. Can you Please get it right within 24 hours for the Top Members List and Contests? All members really love this site and these two errors do not help your cause!



Al Budarin 02 Jan 2018

I agree with Ginger,I was looking at the ranking this Morning I'm still in the top ,I ask myself WHY? I be been on holidays for a week,I haven't put a new image on for a week,& I've only commented on a few images,while others like Ginger etc have posted everyday & some are not even in the ranking,it's not fair to those that have been posting & commenting not even to show on the rank ING,for me I really don't care but let's be Fair,some new ones are ranking in the first three,how can that bee,as I haven't even seen the new images yet,thanks for letting me vent

Joanie Holliday 02 Jan 2018

So true. Right hand not knowing what the left hand is doing. AWs dropping the ball Again.

ArtWanted.com Staff 02 Jan 2018

Ginger - Thanks for bringing this to our attention. We will have our developers investigate this more to see if there are any issues with the first few days of each month for this report. We can tell everyone that the numbers are correct and accurate as of writing this post, based on the activity of our members for the month of Jan 2018 (the last two days).

Al, you are on the chart because of your activity. While you may not think you have been busy on ArtWanted, just in the last two days you have posted a new piece of artwork, posted 20 comments to other members, posted 3 responses to your own comments and posted a message board reply. Each of these activities earn you activity points, which is what shows in your active member ranking report.

For those that feel the numbers are wrong, please write us and tell us why you think this with specific details and we will be happy to investigate the activity points of any member to verify accuracy. Thanks.

Al Budarin 03 Jan 2018

Thank you for Correcting me,& Thank you for taking the time to show me that I was somewhat active,even being on Holidays ,I'm back now to see all those wonderful Creations of works of Art that I so much enjoy looking at & enjoy displaying my works,as I do learn so much from others & Please Please, Critique me My mistakes & what I should have done & what I shouldn't have done ,that's how we all learn off of AW, What a fascinating Idea where Artists can display there Hobbies Ideas Crafts photos in all kinds of media's,I do enjoy it,it's Amazing What we can create & more over to be able to display for all to see