02 January, 2018

Sharing Artists Artwork on Social Media

When others view artists portfolios and share artists work on social media does anyone know if the right click is disabled so that no one can copy artist artwork? I know the right click is disabled on Artwanted.com, but does it continue to be disabled when others download artist masterpieces to social media, such as facebook, tumblr and twitter? I thank you kindly for your generous reply.




ArtWanted.com Staff 02 Jan 2018

Lorenza - ArtWanted is not able to prevent or control the sharing of artwork on other websites and social media platforms. Please see our "Digital Artwork Understanding" paragraph in our Terms & Conditions for more info.

Ranefox 04 Jan 2018

Some website have the right-click disabled. Most do not. If you think someone is posting your images, you can check by going to www.tineye.com.

Their service is free to use.

You can upload an image, or provide the URL of the image. They will scan the web in search of image.

Tineye does not keep your images.

Here's how to use their service: https://tineye.com/how

RQ Trietsch 06 Jan 2018

If you want to share someone else's work...just ask them first, before you decide to share.