07 December, 2017

Repeating error on Portfolios: NOT FOUND. Everyone better check your signed in or signed out.

I signed out of artwanted, I wanted to test if my private gallery worked if I did not know the key. I searched my name ad here is what I got: Browse Artist Portfolios: gingerolansen View the artist and photographer portfolios on ArtWanted Home / Browse / Artists No Artists Found: Please update your search criteria below and try again. ×

gingerolansen SEARCH

If I stranger came in this is where they should go why can't my name be found? This error should not be happening since you first opened this site. This error just keeps repeating. Its getting beyond rediculous!



Ginger Olansen 07 Dec 2017

Sorry staff I did not put a space in my name, but that should be done automatically?

ArtWanted.com Staff 08 Dec 2017

Ginger - The space between your first and last name is needed to locate you. Our site wouldn't know if you wanted to search for "ginger olansen" or "gin gerolansen" or "gingero lansen" or any other possible combination of letters and spaces. If you type your first and last name with the space, you will be located on the site search.

Ginger Olansen 09 Dec 2017

Yes I get that. That is why I apologized!