07 December, 2017

Private galleries

First one question then my suggestion: Why does the private gallery show people that clicked to get in when they cannot? It does not make sense unless, they can! I have 44 people that got in, I never sent the key to get in and I certainly did not go in that many times because I have no need too? Please check this, thank you.

My suggestion is: I would like the private gallery to allow access to the gifts and those that I give permission may have something made too. The reason is one of two reasons I would use the private gallery. 1) I often create something I am not ready to share with the public and would like to have something printed by you first to see how it looks, when I am ready to give the key to my friends they should be able too. 2) I think this would make the private gallery more appealing especially for artists that paint, digital artists that want to try a different take on something they have done and photographers that might want to change up a photo. Anyone creative would appreciate it!



Anneke Hut 07 Dec 2017

Ginger, I agree with you, the private gallery should not be accessible for people you didn't give the password to. I think that's just why the private gallery was made for, to keep pictures from the public area?

I have tried mine, and because I was (ofcourse:) logged out again, I could not enter my private gallery and that is just how it should be.

ArtWanted.com Staff 08 Dec 2017

We created Private Galleries, so our Premium Members can upload hidden images to ArtWanted and share those images with specific people they wanted. Private Galleries require a passcode to get in them and view the images inside the gallery. You can create unlimited private galleries and upload as many images as you like to them to share with others. They are currently working as we have designed them.

As for the "hits" to your Private Gallery tab, this statistic shows anyone clicking on this tab, just like the other stats for the other tabs in your portfolio. This does not indicate the number of people that logged into a specific private gallery, only those that clicked on that tab in your portfolio.

Any change to how we currently use Private Galleries are always welcome in our Ideas area.

Ginger Olansen 09 Dec 2017

Thanks Staff for answering so quickly, Now I understand. Thank you Anneke Hut for your comment!