05 December, 2017

Could you include in Christmas Contest other Winter holidays besides Christian

I am a Jew and i wou.ld like to participate in the contest that is being restricted to only Christmas when in fact not all members here are celebrating Christmas...there are besides me other Jews who celebrate Hanukkah and might like me want to submit a Jewish Haunkkah thremed painting. Or maye some African American would like to submit one Kwanza themed painting. Or am suire there are Pagans here woud might like to submit a Pagan or Wiccan themed painting about winter solstice?? Cant we submit winter holiday paintings from our own traditions or faith...must we, if we wish to participate, paint something that is not a part of our life and is perhaps undesireable to us...or else just ignore it and not be able to share a winter painting of our own hearts??? Please change the contest to include all winter celebrations....thank you. ADelle



Ginger Olansen 07 Dec 2017

I am Christian and would not mind you submitting. I think its a Holiday contest, any celebration for December. Please put it in.

ArtWanted.com Staff 08 Dec 2017

Adelle - Thanks for your message. We have renamed the contest and opened it up for any type of Winter Holiday that may be celebrated so that more people can feel included and enter the contest.