03 December, 2017

Blocked sending another email

I was blocked sending another email using the contact email on the portfolio section of David Ronce and his titles are numbered like 5015,5016, etc, so I referred to it because that is his title! Here is what I wrote:

Subject: I like your header Message: pink and grey is so popular! Number 5016 was excellent today! Great job!

I don't see what the spam filter here is all about.

Besides the errors. I am writing from contacts because I never get a count on emails sent in the statistics. If you do not count them from sending an email from the feeback page then you must count them from email from the portfolio contact page? My emails sent, total 6 for the whole year! I send at least 11-20 emails a day, there must be something wrong! Why aren't both email areas counted? It is not email sent to me because I get at least 20 a day from AW friends! Can you please explain how emails are counted for the statistics?