02 December, 2017

I'm looking for an artist

Hello, I'm looking for a coloborater for an artistic project. Thanks to watch this prezi and if you're interested please contact me : https://prezi.com/p/mfgjgqdp_rt2/ my website : http://maman.international yours faithfully Stéphanie Amiot



Ginger Olansen 02 Dec 2017

I went in to the first website and it was not running the video correctly, it stopped. The 2nd address, did not show correctly when they list it.. So I thought I was interested but not so sure now!

Stéphanie AMIOT 02 Dec 2017

hello Ginger, could you try this new link : http://maman.international/prezzi.pdf ? and for the second link maybe you should try with Firefox Mozilla as Web Browser, which one do you have ?

Ginger Olansen 02 Dec 2017

I have neither I use Chrome and internet explorer. Where are you I am in the US.

Stéphanie AMIOT 03 Dec 2017

I'm looking for an artist to enter a contest with me and we must be under 45. I'm really sorry but you're older than 45, aren't you ?