27 November, 2017


Today there were several images in ART FEED that I felt in my Opinion was very distasteful with images of Swastikas,why do we allow this,kind of Art,I've complained to AW but obviously they Have to determine if it should be Deleted



Ginger Olansen 28 Nov 2017

I certainly agree!

Yury Yanin 28 Nov 2017

Just looked through the art feed gallery and saw nothing like that. Hope they removed images in question and will never allow anything like that again. Thank you for keeping the AW staff alert for this kind of junk.

ArtWanted.com Staff 30 Nov 2017

All art in the "Art Feed" is customized per user, based on the artists they follow and comment on. If there is art that you do not like, you can ignore it, or choose to unfollow those artists that posted it. We are adding some new features soon to filter out more images for you.