20 November, 2017

Site Taking Our Images for Download

I found a site taking our Artwanted images and making them available for download and editing. I found them by Googling my name and asked them to remove my image. I had to ask them for removal from their Facebook page as their contact link does not work (how handy). They might be taking yours to if anyone is interested. I'm so sick of internet thieves. Here is their site URL http://www.clock-sync.com/



Dale Newman 23 Nov 2017

You made me curious, so I googled my name and found one of my digital drawings on Google a recent one, of my version of the "Joker" what I found odd was that it took them too the Art wanted page, does that sound right?

Ginger Olansen 24 Nov 2017

I did not get anything just led to the atomic linking clock site???