17 October, 2017

Here is one for ya: Naming art work

I know we try to get very creative with our titles but I recently, for the past 16 months,became the chairman of an art gallery, I look for artists during the year and organize an art committee to produce a show for one or multiple artist within a 60 mile radius every two months. We are successful and I love doing it! To keep titles to 20 characters or less seems impossible for most! Just try to fit columns with the: price. frame size, first name, last name, media type, and title on an 8.5 c 11 inch piece of paper! Very difficult when you have to be on the other end making painting lists for artists. So here is a little "pearl" for you, please help the galleries when you show to please keep titles of painting to less than 20 characters. It will be very appreciated! LOL!,

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