02 October, 2017


I am curious ( still trying to get acclimated to the site) how do you move up on the Top rated member list? I thought it was from posting of art, discussions, etc., however I notice some who are Top members already have few or even one photo posted , again not complaining just wanted clarification



Ginger Olansen 04 Oct 2017

Its based on the number of hits I think. I was always on the list but yesterday I am not.

Dale Newman 04 Oct 2017

Ok thanks for the response

ArtWanted.com Staff 11 Oct 2017

Dale -

There are 11 different factors that give you "points" to increase your member ranking. It's all about your involvement and participation in ArtWanted.

Here is a link to a message post that lists all of the activities that earn you activity points and increase your ranking: