17 September, 2017

Support this project


I'm Jenny and i wanna introduce u to An amazing project. We created an art group for people with a disability. This project means everything to us. Check out the link so u can read more about it or contact me anytime. https://www.gofundme.com/true-talent-no-matter-what-backgrou



Yury Yanin 18 Sep 2017

Hi Jenny,

Unfortunately the above doesn't work for me in Russia neither as a direct link nor as a search tags.. Some search engines give no results at all, while others (Google for example) show too many different fundraising resorses. Please, explain more clearly what do you suggest or show a better way to your page.

Vincent von Frese 24 Sep 2017

Great approach in art Jenny!

Blind persons benefit from sculpture. I encourage touching my portrait and abstracts sculpture in stone. They love it! Seeing with the hands is something non-blind persons might practice as well!