07 September, 2017

How to make ArtWanted grow?

I really love this platform, but I also use another sites like Instagram and Tumblr, among other. The point is, I really would love to see this site grow. How do you think we could help to make ArtWanted more popular?

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Ginger Olansen 04 Oct 2017

think the biggest thing we can do is attach our link at artwanted to everything we do outside of artwanted.com. If you have a web site show it listed on a page "everyone " goes to. Or if you use a package like outlook, put it in your signature "Artwanted.com/gintheartist" (but with your name).

Norma Lewis 11 Oct 2017

i think to help make art wanted to grow is to make suggestions to the site,,, let them no that we want to be recognized and that they could come up with something like what they have done ,, but include everyone who wants to do it ,,not just a hand full ,, I could give them a few ideas myself and get this site a hopping ,, but then we all would have to advertise for it as well ,, plus if we wanted to connect our site to this site ,, we could ,,

Ginger Olansen 19 Oct 2017

Norma if you have ideas to help Artwanted please put them on the ideas board. Keeping it secret helps no one!