31 August, 2017

ARTFEED !!!!!!!!!!

Hi Everybody !! I am posting 2 pictures a day and since "for ages" !!! Recently I have noticed that some of my pictures have been simply deleted from this gallery during 2 days !!! We are less and less numerous to post and I would like AW to have more consideration for our work and have more control !!! Thank you !! Marie-Claire Gallet



Nira Dabush 31 Aug 2017

Marie... they can restore it. Send them a mail. Best of luck.

Yury Yanin 31 Aug 2017

I am absolutely sure that Marie-Claire is one of the best jewels in the AW treasury. If she feels any discomfort, it is a great problem for the AW staff. Hope they read and understand that, and are going to do their best for her!