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28 August, 2017
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THEME: Back to School

DESCRIPTION: The topic for this art contest is BACK TO SCHOOL. Submit your own artwork for this competition that has something to do with the "Back to School" theme. Subject may include: children, school supplies, school bus, learning or any other related topic. It's the time of the year when people are starting a new year in school, so let's show off how we capture these moments through art.

VOTING STARTS: 11-Sep-2017

PRIZES: Everyone that submits an art contest entry wins more exposure to your artwork and kudos from your fellow art friends. The top voted winner of this contest will receive $10 in ArtWanted cash to be used for any product or service on our website.

RULES: Only one entry per person. If more than one entry is received by the same artist, we will only keep the most recent submission. Only artwork can be submitted for this contest, no photographs please.

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13 Contest Entries

Jay Montgomery 28 Aug 2017

The 1st Day of School in First Grade can be really fun and exciting for a child, but it can also be lonely and scared being away from their parents for the first time or not finding the right anyone to sit with or to talk to at lunch. So they feel small and lonely inside.

This is a 12.5" x 16" soft core color pencil painting. I call it a painting because the base colors are a thin oil paint base. The colored pencils are all the details and textures on top of the oil painting. I worked on Strathmore 500 series 100% cotton Illustration board with a fine tooth which is great for colored pencil work. I finished the piece by adding small highlights with an opaque white ink.

James Corcoran 03 Sep 2017

Waiting on my grandson to return from school on a fall day, colors made a great subject matter

Joes Art Nook 09 Sep 2017

This kid will probably not win the next spelling-bee.....

Nisha 04 Sep 2017

(Pencil, marker ink , pen ink & colour pencil on archival charcoal paper) The colours of the colour pencils & crayons and the transparency of the protractor, ruler & set square inspired me to create my bright & colourful view of school life even though mine was really the opposite hahaha! Enjoy!

Cristian Hartie 29 Aug 2017

Iarna copilariei 18 x 24 cm / Acrylic Pictor : Cristian Hartie

gary butler 28 Aug 2017

How empty it is while the playmate has returned to school.--Just waiting and waiting!

Leonardo Garcia 02 Sep 2017

Título : ojos curiosos - Curious eyes Medida : 50 x 70 Técnica : Carboncillo - charcoal

Natalie Eckman 31 Aug 2017

New school uniforms....anime themed.

Pikhelela Woodard 05 Sep 2017


B a r b a r a Schneider 03 Sep 2017

Title: "ABCD" Etching/multi- colored print hand made by artist

Christian Sanhueza 07 Sep 2017

Back to school

Zaidin Abadi 05 Sep 2017

My entry for this contest.

Title : Basikal siap ( A ready bicycle) Medium : Pencil on paper Size : A4

I used to cycle to school during my school days. My son used to cycle too. This is his bicycle left at home after he entered university.

Diana Bledsoe 28 Aug 2017