17 August, 2017

computer animated drawings

My question is, are computer drawn images ok to submit for contest?



Yury Yanin 17 Aug 2017

The answer seems to be simple. The media of admitted artworks is always clearly noted in the rules of a contest. AW staff is inclined to divide all contests for photography contests only and contests, where photography is prohibited.

In reality this question is not that clear. There can be artworks, based on photography, but developed by hands. There can be artworks, actually drawn by hand, but not with real pencils or brushes, but with a tablet and help of some computer software. There can be images, actually generated by computer itself automatically without much help of an artist (standard fractals, for example). There can be photographs, deeply alternated (enhanced) in computer, or actually animated in computer (GIF files). There can be other kinds of artworks somewhere in between of the shown media or absolutely new, futuristic experiments. And all that is lost for us in all contest rules somewhere between traditional media and photography and we can not say for sure where can we show that kind of artworks – in the photography contests only, or on the contrary – anywhere, but in the photography contests?

For example. I’ d love to submit the following image into the late “home city contest”, but I am not sure – the image is based on a deeply enhanced photo, and photos are forbidden in that contest.

ArtWanted.com Staff 21 Aug 2017

Computer drawn images are usually acceptable for all "art" related contests, just not the "photography" contests. We normally break out our contests into those two categories.

If you ever have questions, you can send in a support ticket with the image you want to submit and the contest and we can tell you if we think it qualifies.

Yury Yanin 05 Sep 2017

OK generally I agree with the division of all contests into 2 categories. Some doubts are left though. It is not very clear when a photo turns into a piece of digital art… every photo is developed digitally nowadays, and the border between technical and artistic development is hard to detect... may be it is a matter of test to discuss with the staff… However the late contests showed that this problem also has some other aspects and deserves a more specific approach. There were a lot of straight violations of rules in those contests. There were simple photographs, where they weren’t allowed, there were double and triple showing of the same images, there were artworks which had nothing to do with the theme of a contest, etc. For example in the contest landscape of your hometown the majority of artworks (paintings and photos, which weren’t allowed) were mere landscapes without any towns, villages or any buildings. A support ticked, offered by the staff above, can not help here. IF AN ARTIST VIOLATES RULES OF A CONTEST, THERE SHOULD BE SOME ADMIN TO DELETE THAT ARTWORK FROM THAT CONTEST. I understand that it is a huge, time consuming job, but it have to be done if we want our contest to mean anything. I can only suggest once more allow AW members to start and administrate their own contest at AW, as other artistic web sites do (Fine Art America foe example).It should not prevent the staff to make their own contests too, but can spare part of their time for some other job.

In case of such orde,r the question of photo or non photo also can be solved by admins easily as they like. As a result artists should be able to upload anything they want, and the responcible admins should decide what to allow into their contests.

Ron Bedsole 09 Apr 2018

my opinion is there should be a contest for only pen, pencil, charcoal, watercolor, acrylic, and oil painting. I think photography and digital should not be included. A separate contest for those should be held, just my two cents

Joanie Holliday 06 Jul 2018

I agree with Ron.

Anneke Hut 07 Jul 2018

I agree with Ron also.

Dale Newman 11 Jul 2018

I agree with Ron