30 July, 2017

Rust-Man: Democracy Doll-Graphic

This is a capitalism-consumerism sarcasm 'politics-cartoon vignette' about a fictional American vigilante named 'Rust-Man' whose special symbolic body-suit (rust-colored) signifies a modernism paranoia regarding pedestrian 'habits.'

How do you cheer yourself up about 'TrumpUSA'?

I find that 'anthropology-oriented storytelling' is much more cathartic/practical than 'leftism rebelliousness.'

Regardless, incendiary pro-democratic dialogue is not only vital but also a hallmark of 'American entertainment'...



Rust-Man wanted to crusade against consumerism-cynicism, so he visited every branch of Home Depot (hardware store chain in America) and camped outside and then picketed outside right after store opening hour and told customers, "Remember that only this store-chain can cure your rust-woes!" Rust-Man was a regular 'Joe' named Ethan Hawking who fitted a special rust-colored metallic helmet and body-suit and decided to be a true American vigilante. Rust-Man made worldwide headlines.

Rust-Man was opposed by the conservative media who believed that railing against consumerism-cynicism would simply prove unfruitful in this modern age of traffic-numbed 'blind mass commerce.' However, Rust-Man kept hope that every layman in America and elsewhere would be sensitive about the needs of pedestrians in this new mercantile-political 'TrumpUSA' (i.e., Wall Street). "Invest in Chinese metals and American alloys!" Rust-Man would tell Americans and "Home Depot is your best friend!" he would tell Home Depot customers.

Rust-Man was assassinated by a fanatical Communist named Edgar Oswald who believed the vigilante's brand of 'traffic-oriented' idealism was ill-suited for this era of 'Facebook-metaphysics.' After Rust-Man died, Oswald told the New York Post, "Rust-Man was just another Charles Manson in spiritualized head-gear (and metallic body-suit!). What America needs is a complete capitalism revolution." All of these 'developments' deeply disturbed U.S. President Donald Trump who told the United Nations, "Rust-Man has reminded us that everyday consumers think about useful elements and corroded substances such as rust, mold, and silicon, so globalization-politics (i.e., European Union and NATO) needs to be geared towards consumption-conscious Utopianism (e.g., Waste Management)!"


"You can't study the darkness by flooding it with light." --- Edward Abbey