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07 June, 2017
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THEME: Mixed Media Artwork

DESCRIPTION: The topic for this art contest is MIXED MEDIA ARTWORK. Submit your own artwork that includes at least two (2) types of media used. Mixed media is the process of using different types of media to create a single piece of artwork. Please share with us the types of media used in your image that you post. Let's see what you can create using multiple types of media!

VOTING STARTS: 26-Jun-2017

PRIZES: Everyone that submits an art contest entry wins more exposure to your artwork and kudos from your fellow art friends. The top voted winner of this contest will receive $10 in ArtWanted cash to be used for any product or service on our website.

RULES: Only one entry per person. Only artwork can be submitted for this contest, no photographs please.

HOW TO ENTER: Reply to this message and attach your contest entry image to your message. Your contest entry will be hidden until voting starts. Good luck!


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Anna Lo Bello 09 Jun 2017

Good morning, I will be honored to partecipate to this art contest. I would like to propose this portrait for the mix media contest. The technique I used is: oil for the face and acrylic for the veil. Greetings, Anna

Floater 08 Jun 2017

Media included: Acrylic, latex, & spray paints, charcoal, paper, cardboard, postage stamps, and chocolate wrappers.

Arron Kirkwood 08 Jun 2017

Created with Prisma Color Premier Soft Colored Pencil and Oil Pastels on Mi-Teinis Black Sanded Sheet.

Malcolm Coils 07 Jun 2017

Mixed media of watercolour, collage, black ink and acrylic on paper- 20 x 16 inches

Michael Ollis 09 Jun 2017

Water color and Ink

James Cassel 08 Jun 2017

Alexis, watercolor and pastel on paper22.5"x 6"

Junior Mclean 08 Jun 2017

Been awhile since I last entered.. I have two artworks I hope to enter in hope a of gaining published exposure again. Here's one of them.

My artwork of Misuzu Kikuchi done with Photoshop CS 6 and Corel PainterX.

Joanie Holliday 08 Jun 2017


Alejandro del Valle 08 Jun 2017

artur wasielewski 18 Jun 2017

Palm Green Beauty COLLECTION - commissioned work for advertising and poster creation – TECHNIQUE mixed media: pencil, ink, watercolor, acrylic and digital - 16? x 16? (40 x 40 cm)

umesh shebe 08 Jun 2017

Mix media portrait of the great female painter Amrita Shergil Title: the Tapestry of life Medium: Watecolor, handmade paper and digital line drawing.

kiddolucas lee 17 Jun 2017

Its called " ILLUMINI QUADRATI FIESTAJOY " ( Squarish Cut Out Illumination of Carnival Joy ) Year : 2017 June Medium : Black and White printed images collage * Oil pastel * Aerosol flourecent colors * Gesso * White Charcoal pencil * Color Pencil

Artist : ______________________

Kathie Nichols 11 Jun 2017

A request from my daughter for this painting, she just loves turtles. Its 2' x 3' on gallery stretched canvas, acrylic and impasto for textures.

Enrique Nieto 08 Jun 2017


Tameisha Harrington 09 Jun 2017

"Sista Nature" 15x18 Canson Prisma colored pencils and Bic markers!

Seth Weaver 08 Jun 2017

Entry from Seth Weaver 06/08/17 ? "Deuteronomy" by Seth Weaver ? I used a self portrait, assorted textures, assorted patterns in this Compullage™ creation.

James Seymour 09 Jun 2017

"Geisha" Acrylic and Oils Painting by James Guinnevan Seymour .

Lindsey E. Bates 09 Jun 2017

The mixed media composition is a tribute to the Tuskegee Airmen and my grandfather who was a Montfort Point Marine.

Elena Sokolova 08 Jun 2017

Cardinal, acrylic with oil glazing, 40 cm x 40 cm canvas

Natalie Eckman 08 Jun 2017

I used the mixed media of Copic Markers for my characters and Manga Studio 5 airbrush and texture tools for the background and special effects.

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