16 May, 2017

Art Contests E-Mail (LIVE)

It would be nice if ArtWanted actually emailed its members every time a new art contest was posted up. I have missed several potential opportunities to participate, due to simply not knowing.....I am not on the site every day to keep watching out for updates. The numbers of participants in some of the contests seems painfully low.....maybe you'd get more if you actually told people when the contests were available!



ArtWanted.com Staff 27 May 2017

Christine - Thanks for posting your idea. This is something that we have been working on behind the scenes and it's about ready to go live, so you may get your wish sooner than expected. :-)

ArtWanted.com Staff 28 May 2017

The new art contest e-mail series is now live. We notify the subscribers when any new art contest is posted on ArtWanted. You can learn more on this new message board post .

Thanks again for submitting this idea Christine!