29 April, 2017

I try to show the joy of dreams in my paintings.

Trato de mostrar la alegría de los sueños en mis pinturas. de la inocencia infantil a. ¿Recuerdas lo bueno de su infancia? recordemos el momento en que eran más simples y aceptamos las diferencias! vamos a olvidarnos de los problemas que se inventaron!

I try to show the joy of dreams in my paintings. The innocence of childhood. Do you remember how good your childhood was? Let's remember the time when we were simpler and accept the differences! Let's forget the problems we invented ourselves!



Adelle John 29 Apr 2017

Lovely endearing work, Mairon....I like it very much. I too try to achieve in my art good feelings, in my case instead of choosing the joys of childhood my goal is to achieve a good sense of Jewish Identity and remembering childhood as a Jewish person is a big part of it, the traditions we dont bother with today we think back on nostaglicly and my art kind of invites people to reexamine those traditions and perhaps even inspire to bring them back....so I appreciate your art as well as a postitive experience in those who examine it, whether they buy it or just admire it....Keep up the excellence! The piece I just shared is an oil painting I did, which I dont do many of so it is not quite what my usual art is in technique I do far more detail in my acrylics...but I like this anyway. I love your little people in your painting too...they are very cute and they bring pleasant thoughts to mind...I think your art is succeeding....

Yury Yanin 30 Apr 2017