27 April, 2017


Can't figure out how I can write here and anywhere except Not on any comments or replies with my phone. Always could and now for awhile no way. Help.



ArtWanted.com Staff 27 Apr 2017

Joanie - Thanks for letting us know. We have had a few members report this and we are looking into this. There is a large percent of members are are commenting on artwork, so we do know that it's working for most, but there seems to be a problem between your browser and our website. We will update this thread once we know more.

Adelle John 27 Apr 2017

then perhaps if she tries a different browser...if you are on your phone try downloading Chrome or some other one...if on computer try it also...I had trouble on my game that I play using Edge browswer for windows 10....switched to Chrome and was fine.

Nira Dabush 28 Apr 2017

Joanie... Good luck... There were times that many were visiting and commenting here in Forums... Have a joyful safe weekend..

ArtWanted.com Staff 29 Apr 2017

Joanie - We located the bug today that was not allowing comments on mobile phones and have fixed it. Please try again to comment using your smart phone and let us know if you are now able to post comments and reply again, thanks.