26 April, 2017
  • ArtWanted.com Staff

Now All Members Can Try Our Print-On-Demand Program

ArtWanted offers beautiful prints and quality products through our Print-On-Demand program of the artwork you see on the website. For years this program has only been available to Premium Members, but we have just made a slight change to that plan.

For a limited time we are inviting all ArtWanted members to try out our print-on-demand program and order prints/products of their own artwork and photos.

We are calling this trial our “Print-On-Demand Program Demo”

This demo program will allow you upload your own artwork into our system and then order any type of print or product of your images. We want you to see the quality of our products and hold them in your hands. We are even offering our products to you at our low wholesale rate!

With over one hundred products and options, you can show off your printed artwork on gorgeous prints, canvas prints, mousepads, greeting cards, mugs and much much more. Order prints of your artwork for yourself, friends, family or upcoming promotional efforts. Prices start at just .30 cents so what are you waiting for?

To get started, simply visit the link below and follow the instructions:


We hope that all members take this opportunity to try out our demo print-on-demand program. This is a limited time offer and will be discontinued in the near future. If you have any questions, please contact us.

NOTE: This demo program only allows you to order prints/products of your own images through the special link above. Visitors to your ArtWanted portfolio will not be able to purchase prints/products of your artwork unless you are enrolled in the normal Print-On-Demand program as a Premium Member.



ArtWanted.com Staff 26 Apr 2017

Let's get this party started...

We will give out $10.oo in free print-on-demand products for the first five (5) people that respond to this message thread. Enjoy and good luck!

Terri Einer 27 Apr 2017

I'm ready to try it!

Adelle John 27 Apr 2017

cool...I am premium but think this is a great idea and I need to order some prints to try it too actually

Jenn Downey 27 Apr 2017

Awesome! I look forward to trying it (-:

Margo Crane 27 Apr 2017

Great idea. Can't wait to try it.

Keith Mears 27 Apr 2017

Im ready !

Michael Auger 28 Apr 2017

I think I may be too late to the party...?

ArtWanted.com Staff 28 Apr 2017

Congratulations to our top five winners: Terri, Adelle, Jenn, Margo and Keith! Michael, we will give you the prize as well. :-)

Watch for an e-mail later today with the details and thanks for reading and being the first to respond. Enjoy your prints.

Emilia Misiura 03 May 2017

Lets try

Elf Evans 18 Aug 2017

Does this still apply?