22 April, 2017

Digital Art

I used to do digital art all the time ten years ago. I don't know if Artwanted would let us talk about which programs you use. I used to use Paint Shop Pro, Adobe Photo Shop. If anyone knows of cheap programs for the beginner or the old pro getting back into it not wanting to spend a lot of money yet, please lets talk,

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Yury Yanin 23 Apr 2017

I believe that Adobe Photoshop is the main software for the majority of digital artists. You can find a lot of additional plug ins for it, part of them are expensive, others cheap or free of charge. I use Redfield Fractalius, Topaz lab products: Topaz DeNoise, Topaz InFocus. Sometimes I try other plugins, but have not found any as useful yet.

Free software downloads: MyPaint - a good imitation of traditional tools - brushes, pencils,etc. PaintNet GIMP Each one of the latter 2 has its own advantages and special effects, which I use sometimes.

For example I used almost all of the above for the attached image.

If you want a fractal graphics, Apophisis and Incendia are probably free. I tried a lot of other fractal programs, some of them were promising, but now I've almost lost my interest to that section of the digital art (fractals).

Yury Yanin 24 Apr 2017

The following is my old artwork titled "Solar wind". It is mostly product of Incendia (fractals)

Ginger Olansen 24 Apr 2017

Thanks Yury for the great info.