17 April, 2017


How can we organize our portfolio into "Galleries".



ArtWanted.com Staff 18 Apr 2017

Vincent - The ability to organize your photos into albums/sub-galleries is currently a Premium Membership feature. For those that have this upgraded membership, you can go here to manage your portfolio albums:


Yury Yanin 18 Apr 2017

Be sure, I am going to pay for Premium membership from my first sale on AW! I am not greedy for the money, which I do not have yet. I only wonder how long should I wait….?

OK. As far I should note that this thread is just one of several (3-4) discussions, where we ask the AW staff to give us more tools for managing our portfolios – to change places (numbers) of artworks in portfolios, to place them accordingly to different principles (media, topic, data, etc.), to separate them into galleries, to give us better tools to replace artworks, etc. One of such threads received more then 100 points in the Idea Board. The stuff noticed our efforts and promised to redesign all the member area of this site completely somewhere this coming summer. Hope they will pay attention to this thread too or even start one more special discussion to gain all our ideas and opinions about portfolios and the whole member area.

I also hope that all the positive and favorable changes, which they are surely going to make, will not be for premium members only… I am not sure about my sales, you know….